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  • Automation videos UK4
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    RMGroup and Lantech Machines Filmed

    We have recently been commissioned by RMGroup and Lantech to film some automated packing machines on an assembly line at the Allied Hygiene facility in Kent. These are a few of the photographs taken onsite and the video is still in production. Our main focus here is to show the cardboard extractor (Lantech C-1000) which…

  • Filming at allied hygiene in London
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    Filming at Allied Hygiene

    We are currently in the process of obtaining footage and photography of capital equipment machines manufactured by Lantech and RMGroup. RMGroup and Lantech have a close working partnership, and this particular stretch of the manufacturing process features a cardboard box extractor from one end of the line which leads to a robotic arm picker which…

  • automation videos productions 8
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    Automated Production video launched

    Automated filter assembly machine video production created for Automated Production in Devon. This machine specialises in disposable filter assemblies for medical purposes. We usually film machines during factory acceptance testing (F.A.T) but we can also film at your factories, manufacturing plants and capital equipment demo centres.  

  • Automated production industrial photographer
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    Filming at Automated Productions in Dorset

    We filmed at Automated Productions in Dorset, and managed to capture some crisp footage of a machine which creates respirator filters. Automated Productions are specialists in design, development and support of custom production solutions; a leading partner to many of the world’s largest manufacturers within a diverse range of industrial and geographical markets. They specialise…

  • rmgroud radnor hills case study video production3
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    Rmgroup automation video production under review

    The RMGroup UK case study video with Radnor Hills is almost complete and currently under review, and in the finalising stage with the help of MarblesPR, and the RMGroup team. Along with MarblesPR, the RMGroup team and Radnor Hills, we have produced a professional client case study video production, highlighting Radnor Hills success with automation,…