Industrial & Manufacturing Videos with IPV

Welcome to Industrial Video Production. We are video producers that specialise solely in industrial automation videos, manufacturing and capital equipment manufacturing.

We provide a highly professional fast-turnaround and competitively priced video production service. We film automation product demos, interview case studies, and equipment sales videos along with time-lapse videos.

We started off filming industrial videos within factories including large capital equipment manufacturers in 2014. We have a keen eye for detail and have specialised in this field ever since.

Demo Reel 2021


2021 has been a busy year. We have worked alongside Industrial and Manufacturing companies RMGroup UK Ltd, TBS Engineering, Forfar Truss Company, MiTek Industries, RNA Automation, TNA Solutions, Hobsons Brewery and Radnor Hills to name a few.

This demo reel can accurately show you what you can expect from the quality of our work.

1. Discuss your requirements

2. Filming day

We will arrive onsite and get the footage we need on the day. This usually includes drone, interview, time-lapse and b-roll footage.

3. Finalise the video

We'll send you the video using WeTransfer for your reviewal. Once we have made finishing changes, we'll send you the finished video electronically.

capital equipment sales videos

Equipment Sales Videos

Video selling is the most powerful tool when selling Capital Equipment Manufacturing. A short video under 2 minutes is often best with equipment sales videos, and these are ideal to show the prospect in a meeting, or to self-host and send as a link in an email.

We like to get the attention of the viewers with clean impressive visuals, spotlight the automation process, a clearly described solution ending with a CTA.

interview videos case studies

Interview Videos

Interview videos or case study videos are really catching on these days. Ideally it is always better to tell a story and make a lasting impression. A good example is our MiTek case study with their 30-year customer Forfar truss link here.

Video case studies such as our MiTek Frame Homes case study video can demonstrate a successful working relationship, highlight the pain points and bring a solution forward, and clearly demonstrate how this was implemented.

automation videos

Product Demo Videos

Product demonstration videos can begin showing the part or manufactured product leading to a step-by-step demonstration of the automation process. We are often requested to film capital equipment manufacturing onsite during or after the FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) stage. RMGroup FAT on automated food inspection machine here.

The resulting footage looks clean and crisp, and very professional with music and sound added. Nothing too distracting. This footage is ideal for automation trade shows and sales conventions. See Automated Productions and TBS Engineering as examples.

His approach to our bespoke industrial machinery and swift turnaround of the end product has been exceptional

Will cross

His approach to our bespoke industrial machinery and swift turnaround of the end product has been exceptional. We have continued to develop our working relationship on a range of other projects including drone appraisals of our new facility. I cannot speak highly enough of his character, work ethic and look forward to working on our exciting new developments later this year.

William Cross