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Videographer with a Drone Licence

Luke Sutton passed UAV Academy UAV drone pilot 1 Industrial video productionMy name is Luke Sutton, I hold a PfCO (permission for commercial operations) from the Civil Aviation Authority, and I am a videographer. I specialise in producing video productions for both small and large businesses, and these video productions are usually for marketing and advertising on their website, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and have worked with defence contractors, civil engineering companies, sportsmen, coaches, financial advisors and the list goes on.

I work with high-end DSLR cameras for 4K footage that can be graded, along with a Mavic Pro 2 drone so I can gather good 10-bit 4K footage to colour grade just how I like it. I also have an assortment of sliders, stabilisers, gimbals, tripods and lenses to be able to provide some unique visual video content, and to tell a more interesting story.

I could bore you with the endless statistics of how effective video production can be, but suffice it to say that people prefer video overwhelmingly to that of text content, and if you place video on your website, you’ll most likely rank on the first page of Google (especially if you host your video on YouTube – which is owned by Google).

When I work with a client, I’ll usually do an online risk assessment for the aerial part of your footage, to ensure it is safe and legal to fly and capture footage of your company premises. Then I’ll draft a storyboard together and we will work together to create a compelling and interesting video production. Maybe your video production will have interview sections? Would you like an opening aerial shot to start the video off? What about some interesting time-lapses to complement both A and B camera footage?

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