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RNA Varifeed® automation video production

The goal of this video production was to accurately demonstrate the machine’s capability of counting and placing the product branding on the top. Products that were misplaced/up-side-down are kicked back into a sequence and spun into the centrifuge and back onto the production line. 

We used an assortment of ground cameras and a drone far away from staff on the operating line. For text, we decided to use motion tracking on elements, then attach text to these elements; the result was a much more aesthetically pleasing and more engaging video image. 

The final video production is for website use, social media use, and for their engineers to use in virtual trade shows. This is something that has become more mainstream in the covid-19 pandemic. with engineers working from home and not being able to travel, video has become a must-have tool for communicating the automation process with their clients.