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Industrial cast on strap filming with TBS Engineering

We have recently filmed another video production for TBS Engineering in Gloucester, as well as providing industrial photography of their cast-on-strap machines, which are automated battery assembly machines.

We have been chosen exclusively to provide industrial video productions for TBS Engineering, and we have vastly improved our game since late 2019, when we began working with the world leader in producing automatic machinery for the lead acid battery industry.

We now shoot all the shots carefully planned and well-lit. We have also been providing high frame rate shots so we can provide slo-motion sections of the process (some of these machines can shift battery plates at 160 PE enveloped plates per minute, and 160 AGM enveloped plates per minute.). We shoot using Cine4 and custom-grade this, so we can produce clean video productions with no loss of quality, and this allows us to concentrate on the process without getting lost on colour-grading too much.

All this filmed on-site within 6 hours and cooperating alongside their fantastic engineers, to produce this video production for their marketing and sales team. We have some stunning industrial photography which we will show soon.

Watch this space.