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Production Engineering Video

We can work on a short notice and film a high-resolution production engineering video, with both aerial drone and ground cameras. Production engineering overlaps substantially with manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, and supply chain engineering, and we have already done quite a few production engineering videos, including COS cast-on-strap automation videos for companies such as TBS Engineering in Gloucester. Since your goal is to accomplish the production process in the smoothest, most-judicious and most-economic way, we like to film in a manner that demonstrates the production in the simplest way, so it is easy to follow and understand. We can film interview sections with multiple cameras, and we can take care of the production at our in-house editing studio.

How we work

We can work on a short notice and record a high-resolution video production, and send it to you digitally within a few days. Industrial engineering and machinery is our speciality. Prior filming, we will determine the story and your type of client, and then plan a video and a shot list. We can then agree on a filming day when its convenient for you.


Production engineering videos are a good way to convert potential customers in sales meetings, and are especially useful for LinkedIn information and marketing. It’s also useful for internal training. We have also created video productions for sales teams that work internationally, carrying demonstration videos with them to show to current and potential clients. This is becoming an increasingly-competitive market; and it’s a good idea to utilise video and spread the word.

Aerial UAV Footage with CAA PfCO Licence

We are licenced to operate a drone and gather aerial footage. This helps us gather more good footage of your company and tell a better story. We feel opening shots look great for production engineering videos! We can also provide time-lapses, and interviews with good clean audio and good visuals, including your brand-name and contact details on the video.

Production engineering is the science of creating safe and efficient processes for transforming raw materials into finished items, such as metal castings, machining processing, joining processes, metal cutting, tool designs, automation, die and mould designs and COS cast-on-strap (C.O.S) machining.