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capital equipment automation video production 2

More Industrial Filming at TBS Engineering

We have recently been filming at TBS Engineering on their latest machines, and we have used this opportunity to not only improve out filming style, but to implement stylish infographs and motion call-out titles. You can see some examples below.

capital equipment automation video production 1

capital equipment automation video production 2

capital equipment automation video production 3

There are many standards that we do our best to adhere to when filming capital equipment. Smooth panning, well lit machinery, and easy to follow movements which allow the viewer to understand the process are all very critical. It is not enough to place the camera on a tripod and film random shots; the video has to be engaging and keep the attention of your potential client. Do not rush any particular shot, as your sales representative will need this footage to close the sale.

If you want to stand out from your competition, get in touch and we can get to work. We are the cutting edge in this industry, and we are constantly aiming to improve our game. You won’t regret it.