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Industrial videography and photography

We can film high-resolution video productions on both the ground, and in the air using aerial drones. We are also CAA qualified with a permission for commercial operations; a copy of our certification can be sent on request. Video is superior in marketing and advertising by a long shot. People connect with video in a more effective way, and it’s just simpler and easier to get your message across. There’s numerous statistics that can tell you this, but we will refrain from boring you with these!

We started with engineering and manufacturing video productions, so we know our stuff here. We know how to give you a good image, and get to the point, with creating simple and clear demonstrative videos to help support a presentation meeting with you, and your potential clients.

4K filming, time-lapses, interviews and aerial footage

We have upped our game since we started, from improved filming styles, to better sound and visuals for interview voxpops, to becoming CAA qualified with a permission for commercial operations. All to make better video productions for you.  When you combine these technologies, you get superior video and audio, and a powerful marketing tool to improve your sales and conversions. We want to be the ones to tell your story, and visualise what your business is all about.

We are fully insured, and have the qualifications and experience for the project at hand. We have ground and aerial camera equipment and can perform safety assessments before and during filming.


We also have marketing and SEO expertise with website knowledge. Once we have created your video production, we can assist in embedding your video on your website. SEO consultations are available on request; video production is very powerful as a tool to rank higher on Google.

We can work on a short notice and record a high-resolution video production, and send it to you digitally within a few days. Industrial engineering and machinery is our speciality. Prior filming, we will determine the story and your type of client, and then plan a video and a shot list. We can then agree on a filming day when its convenient for you.


This may vary depending on your industry. We have produced videos for industries with their social media accounts, helping them to create marketing content for LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. We have also created video productions for sales teams that work internationally, carrying demonstration videos with them to show to current and potential clients. This is becoming an increasingly-competitive market; and it’s a good idea to utilise video and spread the word. .