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graphene batteries video production

Graphene battery video production

Graphene batteries have just hit the market, and is a technology now available for manufacturing. Graphene has so many upsides that it is hard to miss the benefits with this industry. It is far safer and much more resilient to dangers of puncturing and overcharging like its predecessor lithium-ion.

A video production in graphene battery technology could be key, to gaining funding and building interest. A video production showing the process of graphene battery manufacturing is a great idea.

It isn’t the end for li-ion batteries; as it’s apparent that hybrid graphene-metal oxide batteries will dominate the market moreover, and the mobile phone industry will probably see the best benefits here, introducing 60% more battery capacity than lithium ion batteries, and all within super-fast charging times.

The same will be for the car industry; lead-acid batteries won’t see another 10 years in this industry, and could expect to become graphene hybrid batteries in the next 2 years. Graphene batteries in electric cars can be charged to full in just a few minutes, be charged and discharge 33 times faster than lithium ion.

This is a rapidly growing industry that seeks innovation, familiar to the renewable energy industry. Video is most certainly the way to go.

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