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COS Cast On Strap Video Production

We have experience filming COS Cast on strap machinery video productions in the past for TBS Engineering in Gloucester. COS videos need to be filmed in sequence and shown clearly for the potential client. These video productions are usually used by sales teams, and taken abroad on laptops or using a USB flash drive to display on a big screen, in their prospective clients meeting room. COS videos can have audio, synched with movements to the music, along with machinery sounds, or just have quiet or mute audio for use as a presentation with a sales pitch. We can display labels on-screen in a manner which isn’t distractive, to demonstrate the process.
We can work on short notices and produce high quality video productions. We film in 4K for big display screens, and we are licenced with a permission to film aerial drone footage. We can film interviews and time-lapses to make interesting video footage.

Industrial Filming Video production 1 Industrial video productionHow we work

We are aware of the dangers with COS battery assembly machines. These are dangerous, automated machines with hot-lead molding units and fast-moving automation parts! We will operate in a safe manner and communicate with a floor or site manager between each shot.
We can work on a short notice and record a high-resolution video production, and send it to you digitally within a few days. Industrial engineering and machinery is our speciality. Prior to filming, we will plan the video and the shot list. If you can show or send us any examples of the video style you like, this would really help us. We can agree on a filming day when it’s convenient. We can also embed the video on your website if this is required. A 50% deposit is required up-front before filming commences. See our terms and conditions here.