Featured: Industrial Photography at RNA Automation

Industrial Photography for RNA Automation, Birmingham

We have recently been commissioned to take industrial photography and to film a video production for RNA Automation, situated in Birmingham. This machine in specific specialises in ensuring all products are logo-faced up in each box. It is a clever machine, quickly scanning each chocolate bar in this case, and quickly kicking the barcode-side bars back into the centrifuge for another spin. It is the small details that count!
This machine is to be shipped to a very large chocolate confectionery manufacturer that we won’t be able to mention.

I usually take an assortment with industrial photography; some colour-graded, and some colour-corrected. I’ll usually work from the outside in, using a drone, and a variety of lenses such as Zeiss CF 40mm for macro and detailed shots, Sigma art 24mm for the wide shots, and 80mm fast cine-lenses for close shots. These pictures are ideal for your website, portfolio, or even your website brochure or product catalog PDF.