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  • RMGroup form fill seal robot palletisation video production 6
    industreel video production 2

    Filming at Garston Docks with RMGroup UK Ltd

    We are producing an industrial video RMGroup UK Ltd which we filmed just a few days ago, at a company called Long Rake Spar at Garston Docks. This sales/showcase video production was commissioned to showcase both the installation and automation process of form fill and seal with garden stones into heavy-duty bags and later sent…

  • rmgroud radnor hills case study video production4
    industreel video production 2

    Automation Case Study Video Production for Rmgroup

    RMGroup UK Ltd UK are a robotics and automation supplier that specialises in packaging systems. With their ever-expanding portfolio, they have decided it is a good time to start putting together a series of video productions, case studies for their automation customers. The interviews throughout the video production (questions written and interviewed by Sarah and…

  • rmgroud radnor hills case study video production3
    industreel video production 2

    Rmgroup automation video production under review

    The RMGroup UK case study video with Radnor Hills is almost complete and currently under review, and in the finalising stage with the help of MarblesPR, and the RMGroup team. Along with MarblesPR, the RMGroup team and Radnor Hills, we have produced a professional client case study video production, highlighting Radnor Hills success with automation,…

  • TNA solutions automation video 2
    industreel video production 2

    Product video production for TNA Solutions

    Our first TNA Solutions video production filmed mid-February is currently under review, soon to be part of our portfolio. Meanwhile, we have been commissioned to create another video production,  that we filmed just 1 week after the first one. With this video production, we filmed each shot with proper lighting on all shots, rather than…