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What is involved with industrial video production?

Whether you are an engineering company, a renewable energy business or a manufacturing facility, you have probably looked into video production before, as a means to advertising your services to potential clients. Video is a very powerful way to get your message across. We take a 50% payment upfront and the remaining payment on the delivery on your footage, which is sent to you electronically using SendSpace or WeTransfer.

What do you need?

Is this for an internal staff training video, or are you trying to improve website conversions with a video production on your homepage? Perhaps this is for LinkedIn and other social media platforms? Be clear what you need and we can formulate an effective video production.

The filming process.

We are fully insured and equipped, and it is best you assign somebody with us, so we can communicate what we need and the shots we need to get on-site. This may involve communicating with the staff or engineers on the factory floor, and meeting any other requests that we may have to get the footage we need. We usually film within 6 hours on the day.


We take the footage back to our office, and begin post-production on the industrial video production. This can take a few days, but once we have a draft, we’ll send you a link to view this footage and this will give you a chance to make any adjustments that you may need, and to supply us with time-accurate messages and on-screen labels and such.

Final delivery.

Once you are happy with the footage, and changes are made, we will send you the complete footage with the final invoice, which is to be paid within 14-days. There are terms and conditions, and we would be happy if you have a read of this beforehand.