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Using Cloud Technology for Machine Efficiency and Improvements

Most of us are familiar with cloud technology and use it in our everyday lives as convenient online storage for photos, videos, apps, and documents. Microsoft OneDrive® and Apple iCloud® are a couple well-known cloud storage platforms that are readily available and easily accessible from phones and computers anytime we need to store or retrieve info. For most, that’s where the technology ends. But in fact, cloud technology offers much more than just a storage solution and industrial cloud platforms, like StrideLinx, have tapped into that.

First and foremost, StrideLinx provides secure connections to remote machines that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. StrideLinx utilizes VPN technology, router firewalls, outgoing machine connections, and the latest encryption methods to keep both machines and data protected. With the StrideLinx cloud’s secure remote access feature, you can safely program, monitor, and/or troubleshoot machines in real time using the live connection from the cloud platform to the machine. Cloud data storage is of course an option with StrideLinx, but StrideLinx also provides a wealth of data visualization options in the platform including charts, graphs, tables, and many other customizable data widgets for clean, easily understandable data presentations.

Below is a collection of articles, library posts, whitepapers, and videos that explain the many benefits of VPN routers, cloud networking, the secure StrideLinx cloud platform and recent improvements made to it. The collection also discusses how this technology, and the insight it provides, can be used to reduce downtime, and improve machine performance.

What is a VPN?

VPNs are just as important for securing industrial automation systems as they are for personal internet connectivity. Here is what a VPN does, and how industrial users can quickly implement VPNs for all their sites and users to provide upgraded cybersecurity. Read More–>

What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Hosted VPNs?

Connecting programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human machine interfaces (HMIs) and other automation system components to the industrial internet of things (IIoT) for remote access is important for many manufacturing plants. Read More–>

Remote Access | White Paper

There are three router-based methods for establishing remote access to industrial systems via a PC or mobile device—with each providing a different level of security, required implementation effort and integrated features. Learn more by downloading our White Paper!

StrideLinx Industrial Secure VPN IIoT Platform Overview

StrideLinx VPN provides multiple secure Industrial VPN connections for remote access to your PLC systems worldwide. Watch to learn more–>

StrideLinx Secure Industrial VPN and IIoT Platform: Portal APP

The StrideLinx Portal app allows you to create customizable “cards” for better organization of connected devices and up-front displays of vital information. Watch to learn more–>

Creating Secure Remote Connections Using the Cloud

Today’s end users at industrial plants and facilities expect and demand digital access to almost anything technology-based, often remotely through mobile devices. Read More–>

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