Top Programming Languages Used in Automation Projects in 2022

Top Programming Languages Used in Automation Projects in 2022


December 18, 2021

Programming languages

These programming languages are on demand in the market

In this highly competitive world, automation and programming languages are playing a great role in creating robust software applications for businesses. Since artificial intelligence is also one of the major areas that are emerging to be the top technologies. Many programming languages that are making the mark with their characteristics. No matter which phase you are in, whether starting with automation testing to learning a new programming language to choose is very critical. Let’s see what are the top automation programming languages that will lead the market in 2022. 



JavaScript is one of the top programming languages that supports test automation to a greater extent, especially when talking about front-end development. Many giant websites such as Airbnb, Slack, Instagram, and Accenture use JavaScript as their preferred front-end development and automation as one of their programming languages. JavaScript and Selenium are used for creating test scenarios for automating browser testing for developers. 



Python is one of the top programming languages used for automation in 2021. It is an open-source language that maintains a track record for developing web and desktop applications. Python is one of the most recommended programming languages for developers since most popular apps are built using it such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. 



Java is the most popular general-purpose automation programming language owned by Oracle Corporation. It has more than 3 billion devices running applications that are built and developed on Java. This is because it comes with a comprehensive test framework, packages, and knowledge sources making it one of the best automation programming languages in the market. It provides short test cases to the software developers too. 



C is designed and created by Microsoft. It is also considered one of the top automation programming languages in 2021. It has shown a gradual growing trend as a test automation language. Many testers prefer C over others for its compatibility. It is used on Windows but is also suited for Android and iOS platforms. 



Hypertext preprocessor is used widely for command-line, a server-side scripting language used for web development and test automation. This is one of the top programming languages used for mobile applications that require database access. Most popular organizations like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, use PHP for their website. XDebug, which is an extension of PHP, is a powerful debugging tool that improves the PHP development experience. 



Ruby is another top automation programming languages that is in demand in the market. It works well with the Selenium frameworks for performing the Selenium framework. It is a back-end scripting and object-oriented programming language. It is a human-friendly, simple-to-learn language supporting MVC architecture and enabling automated deployment. 


Smash Test 

It is one of the open-source automation programming languages that creates the fastest automation tests. SmashTest can perform both API and UI testing. It helps to test distinct browsers, operating systems, and devices. It is easy to understand and has human-readable steps. 



VBScript is one of the programming languages developed by Microsoft. It is easy to learn with little knowledge of programming skills. It is an interpreter and not a compiler and so it is also called a line-by-line compiler. 

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