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Frame homes MiTek video production4

MiTek Aspire series – Frame Homes video in production

We have been filming a series of video productions for Mitek, in Aberdeen and Cornwall. The Aspire video series focuses on some of MiTek’s long-standing customers, telling the story of these business successes. 

This video (still in production) tells a story of Frame Homes, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of timber frame homes. We follow Tom Dodd, Frame Home’s Development Manager for the Roof Truss division, and his journey from his College Carpentry course to working alongside MiTek, to build timber frame homes throughout the UK. 

MiTek® is a global company focused on providing integrated software, services, engineered products and automated solutions for the building industry worldwide. 

We have worked alongside the team at MiTek and with an incredible marketing company Macbeth Lankester.

We’ll soon be launching this video but until then, watch this space. 

Frame homes MiTek video production2

Frame homes MiTek video production1

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Frame homes MiTek video production4

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Frame homes MiTek video production3