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Industrial Video Producer

Industrial video producer

We have video production experience working with big industrial and engineering companies, installations and projects. We communicate well and take on-board your video needs before doing a risk assessment, for both aerial footage and footage obtained on the ground.

Industrial videos are usually a mix of ground footage (interview segments and time-lapses), and aerial footage of the industrial complex itself. In post-production we will use professional music, mix the interview sections and build your video production in the required lengths and formats that are specified by your company.

Interviews, time-lapses and filming

Interviews (aka voxpops) can be provided, using 2 cameras and switching between the two, in order to make a more interesting production. This, combined with good B-roll and some time-lapses can create a very professional video production.

Time lapses are a great technique to spread out a long or short period of time and progress into a relatively short bit of film. In construction, industrial and engineering projects, time-lapses are really powerful. Long time-lapses can be a day or over-night process to show as much progress as possible on the filming project.

We can film interviews with clear 4K footage and excellent audio quality, along with time-lapses of installations in industrial environments.

Aerial drone footage

We are CAA registered for commercial operations. This allows us to add professional aerial footage to your industrial video production. It’s a legal requirement for us to provide a risk assessment beforehand, and we can plan the weather, the risk assessment and provide you with a flight plan for the filming day.

Our aerial footage is of the highest quality, 4K 10-bit footage and colour-graded in post production to match the cameras on the ground. We operate and film in a non-invasive manner, with legal paperwork with us on site. A copy of our certification can be provided.