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Industrial engineering video production luke sutton 5

Filming an Industrial Automated Video Production for The Battery Industry

Filming for TBS Engineering went well on Wednesday the 3rd June 2020, and we managed to get aerial drone footage to begin with, and then the video production of the robot arm / conveyor belt and cast-on machine. (Yes we are licensed to pilot drones for commercial footage!)

This particular machine weighs the groups of the battery cells, and carefully stacks and sorts the lugs into a finishing jig. At this point, the jig based turntable takes the cells and polishes the plate ends, dips them into liquid tin, and then polished and fluxes the points before dipping them into a hot bath at 400 degrees! After the lead has been cast-on to the cells, the groups are then places into the battery casings.

There are many different fail-safes in place for safety, and getting these into the video is crucial. We also filmed the maintenance stage, in which half-way through the film the procedure shows an engineer removing the casts from the lead mould.

This video production is used for the sales team, to demonstrate the product to the client.