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Apollo Tyres moves to AWS to enable process automation, enhance customer experience

Apollo Tyres, India’s leading tyre manufacturer, is moving its entire infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company plans to migrate all mission-critical enterprise applications to AWS to transform the customer experience while improving process efficiency and enabling process automation.

“We are using AWS capabilities, like IoT and machine learning services, to connect our factories and make them smarter. This fosters collaboration between our IT and business teams to make the production process more efficient while delivering higher quality products at lower cost,” said Hizmy Hassen, Chief Digital Officer, Apollo Tyres.

Apollo Tyres’ data lake on AWS centrally stores its structured and unstructured data at scale. This data lake provides the foundation for an integrated data platform, enabling company engineers globally to collaborate in developing cloud-native applications and improve enterprise-wide decision making.

Utilizing AWS IoT SiteWise and AWS IoT Greengrass services, Apollo Tyres has developed an IoT-in-a-box solution that connects production machines on the factory floor to AWS in as few as five days and then captures data from multiple machines including mixers, tyre building equipment, and curing presses and feeds it to the data lake.

The company also leverages Amazon Redshift, the most widely used cloud data warehouse, to create a global dashboard for visualising production information from the data lake, providing business teams and plant managers with real-time visibility into the manufacturing process and improving production efficiency and productivity.

Apollo Tyres has also launched an automated tyre inspection program based on Amazon Rekognition, a machine learning service that automates image and video analysis. The program allows factory supervisors to intervene when manufacturing anomalies occur, ensuring that high-quality tyres are delivered to customers.

Commenting on this collaboration, Vaishali Kasture, Head of Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Global Businesses, AWS India and South Asia, said, “Apollo Tyres is using the cloud to digitally transform, improve the tyre manufacturing process, and deliver better value to customers. By moving its entire infrastructure to AWS, Apollo Tyres creates an environment of rapid and continuous innovation to provide safer and better quality tyres, and enhanced customer service experiences.”

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