A Stronger Blend, Alteryx Brews Up For Bigger Cloud Data Automation

Clouds carry data. The world of cloud computing is made up of datacenters running massive banks of servers, which (according to a variety of segmentations, specialisms and optimizations) all churn away their processing power to create Virtual Machines (VMs) that organizations can use to run cloud services and their data workloads.

That makes for a lot of data on a lot of servers in a lot of locations in a lot of shapes (formats) and in a lot of different structures. 

Coping with all those disparate, often disconnected and very typically dichotomous data types is a tough job. Working to provide the functional tools to manage the whole blend process and more here is Analytics Automation Alteryx company, pronounced al-ter-icks or al-trix depending on how fast you say it. 

The data science to-do list

If we were to lay down a to-do list of all the data science jobs an organization might need in any given financial year, it might look like this. We need to see data, parse it (categorize it), filter it (deduplicate repeats), select it, blend it, clean it (remove corruptions), reshape it, enrich it, analyze it, output it… and, above all, we need to automate it. This is where Alteryx comes in and the company tables its Alteryx Designer as the tool (or perhaps toolbag) for the job.

An input channel – before any of those functions are carried out – could be anything from a sales record file to a list of baseball game fixtures. The resulting output could be a correlation report or histogram for salespeople to track market behavior, or it could be a predictive modelling report detailing those teams most likely to progress towards the baseball World Series in any given year.

Now keen to expand the scope and scalability of its platform, Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE: AYX), has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Trifacta, a cloud company that specializes in scalable data management and Machine Learning (ML) to make data analytics faster.

The company’s move to execute this acquisition comes in response to enterprise customers behavior patterns, which sees them deploying modern data architectures built upon cloud data warehouses and supporting SaaS-based applications and analytics. Meanwhile, business users’ appetite for timely insights from these large cloud datasets to fuel their digital transformation efforts is at an all-time high, thus driving the need for scalable, secure solutions to access and automate data analysis.

Anchor & accelerate

Trifacta offers cloud-first capabilities to help enterprises drive their analytics transformation and has gained a footprint into Global 2000 and large enterprises. This acquisition is hoped to anchor and accelerate Alteryx’s journey to the cloud and open new categories of buyers across IT within large enterprises.

“Trifacta brings highly skilled cloud-first engineering, product and go-to-market teams with decades of combined experience building and bringing to market mission-critical, cloud native analytics solutions. Together, Trifacta and Alteryx expand our total addressable market with additional opportunities to target new data and cloud transformation initiatives for Global 2000 customers,” said Mark Anderson, CEO of Alteryx. “With Trifacta, our combined cloud platform will serve the needs of entire enterprises from data analytics teams and IT/technology teams to line of business users.”

Trifacta provides scalable cloud data management capabilities natively and securely for major cloud deployments, including Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Alteryx intends to combine its leading low code/no code analytics solution with Trifacta’s cloud native capabilities to offer flexible deployment options — on-premises, hybrid and cloud — to meet enterprise customers’ analytics needs.

“We’re incredibly excited to join forces with Alteryx to create the industry’s leading independent cloud analytics provider,” said Adam Wilson, CEO of Trifacta. “Together, we have the opportunity to enable thousands of customers globally to unlock powerful business insights with the combination of Trifacta’s Data Engineering Cloud and Alteryx’s Analytics Automation platform.”

Alteryx will acquire Trifacta for $400 million in cash, subject to customary purchase price adjustments. Alteryx will also establish a retention pool of $75 million to be granted in the form of restricted stock units to the former employees of Trifacta. 

Bigger clouds, bigger big data

Aside from the financials, the trends on show here are quite evident i.e. big data is getting bigger – or if not bigger in terms of any one single chunk, repository or data workload – then it is at least it is coming at us from more angles, in an increasingly diverse set of shapes and sizes… and from a perspective where more users want more insight out of the total data pool for more use cases.

This is managed cloud data scalability with a side order of blending and cleansing (and all manner of other aforementioned to-dos) all delivered on a new automated sushi delivery belt… and now at cloud-scale. Pass the wasabi please.

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