10 Applications of Robotics in the Home Automation Industry

10 Applications of Robotics in the Home Automation Industry


December 19, 2021


Robotics is completely changing our living standards by emerging in home automation.

Imagine a home where you have automated lights where you don’t need to switch on and switch off. What if there is an automated kitchen, garage, living room with personal assistance filled in your hallway? Well, this is not a next-gen fiction movie for, automation and robotics have together brought all these mentioned above into reality. Robotics is a subject that has an extremely wide scope and we must agree to the fact that it has reached its peaks in the home automation industry with automated appliances/robots and personal assistance. Here are a few examples of how robotics is influencing the home automation industry with smart home and personal assistance.


Automated lights with Philips Hue

Envision returning home to a brilliant and merry home. Rather than leaving a light on an entire day (and paying for that energy), you can buy brilliant and smart bulbs, for example, the Philips Hue Starter Kit. The establishment is 10 minutes or less. On the off chance that you realize how to introduce a light, these are something very similar. The Philips Hue application permits you to control your lights, design rooms, and timetable schedules. In this way, assuming you need to have a light come on before you return home from work, you can change that setting. If you neglect to shut down your lights while you’re away (or you need to make it seem as though you are at home), you can enable control from anywhere.


Home security with Ring Video Doorbell

The second home automation thought is home security with the Ring Video Doorbell. You may be asking for what reason you’d need or need this gadget; nonetheless, it proves to be useful when you have deliveries and guests at your entryway. Furthermore, it’s great to realize who is at your door without really responding to it. Besides, assuming you’re away, you’ll find additional harmony of brain realizing that whoever strolls to your front entryway is being checked and monitored. The Ring Video Doorbell likewise incorporates with Amazon Alexa. You can enable announcements when guests are at your entryway. Moreover, you can talk straightforwardly to guests by saying, “Alexa, converse with the front door.” If you’re not on the Alexa trend yet, the Ring Video Doorbell additionally works utilizing your telephone, tablet, or PC.


Forget the maid! Purchase a Robot Vacuum

Worn out and tired on vacuuming? If it’s you then you will surely end up leaving a path of pieces wherever you go, then, at that point, you’ll presumably need to put resources into a robot vacuum. Rather than going through an hour of vacuuming your home every week (or 10-15 minutes numerous days consistently), you can invest that energy doing other (more charming) things. One of the most well-known robot vacuums is the iRobot Roomba. There are additionally some extraordinary non-Roomba robot vacuums out there including the Neeto Robotics D6, the ECOVACS DEEBOT, and the eufyRoboVac 30C.


Instant privacy with automated blinds

Have you at any point gotten in bed just to realize the blinds are totally open? Or then again, perhaps your form of luxury is awakening to a breath-taking view outside. In any case, you can do both with the AXIS Gear Smart Blinds. This home automation thought introduces in under 5-minutes and is viable with your current window blinds. Control your blinds with the cell phone application or with the inherent controls. You can likewise set the blinds on custom timetables and clocks for the duration of the day, week, and month. Lower the blinds at nightfall, and afterward, have them up when the sun rises. Acquire instant privacy with the AXIS Gear Smart Blinds.


Control garage access with smart door opener

Lastly on our list of home automation ideas is the MyQ Smart Garage Opener. Never wonder if you left your garage door open again. Once the system is installed, you can control who has access to your garage and when it’s left open. Get real-time notifications anytime your garage door opens, closes, or is left open. Plus, you can control it from anywhere.


Personal Assistants


Aido is one of the sharpest and most comprehensive family friend robots available today. This cutting-edge social family robot is astute, intelligent, and exceptionally versatile, Aido can move around your home/office to assist with working on your way of life.
It will play with your children, assist with keeping your timetable, project films, and supportive recordings onto divider surfaces, go about as a diversion community and gaming gadget, deal with your family errands, screen your home by means of sensors and watch to keep it free from any danger from gate crashers just as imperceptible issues noticeable all around thus significantly more! This family robot is intended to make connections with individuals as regular and natural as could really be expected.


Alpha 2

The new Alpha 2 humanoid robot is the very first, intended for practical household and friendship. The Alpha 2 gives cloud services and provides cloud services and perceptual frameworks to get orders and execute comparing practices. The robot is equipped for concurrent understanding, voice search, visual cooperation, and giving verbal updates. The robot likewise empowers sensor-based collaboration; embed with a speed increase sensor, ultrasonic, touch and produce sensors; and an underlying camera upheld by robot visual registering frameworks. The robot’s two iOS and Android frameworks give ordinary far-off correspondence and control.



Zenbo is a cute little personal assistant developed by Asus. When connected to the Internet, it can perform various tasks like communicating with people, interacting with home appliances, working as a self-trained remote, and many more. Zenbo moves around on three wheels and has a voice and screen to better interact with human owners. The screen is a multi-touch touch screen, so a user can interact using touch too along with the voice. Asus has also released a developer program for Zenbo so that developers can utilize the power of the SDK to create something interesting with Zenbo.



Do you like dolls? How about a robot that gives such adorable expressions? Kuri is a delightful home robot that can watch over your children like a babysitter and even watch your place while you are away. Its highlights are a fundamental blend of friendship, entertainment, and utility. However, it can’t perform family assignments, it can undoubtedly look after your children or house through the 1080p camera. It plays music, webcast or read digital books or it can remind you to wind down the broiler while passing on charming and adorable expressions simultaneously.



Buddy is a social robot and home assistant from Blue Frog Robotics. An open-source robot powered by Unity 3D and Android software, can accompany the family in its daily tasks, protect your home, entertain your kids, and interact with your home’s smart connected devices. Among many other activities, BUDDY allows you to remain connected with loved ones, run a playlist, or be your personal assistant. It has a variety of sensors that help to deliver the various functionalities. These include a camera, ultrasound, infra-red and thermal sensors, a range-finder sensor, a temperature sensor, and ground detectors. Other inputs and outputs include a microphone, an audio output, and speakers.



Buddy is a social robot and home assistant from Blue Frog Robotics. An open-source robot controlled by Unity 3D and Android programming, can go with the family in its everyday assignments, ensure your home, engage your children, and interface with your home’s savvy associated gadgets. Among numerous different exercises, BUDDY permits you to stay associated with friends and family, run a playlist, or be your own right hand. It has an assortment of sensors that assistance to convey the different functionalities.


The Future Outlook

The future of home automation and personal assistance with robots is developing quickly. Consulting firm Frost and Sullivan appraise that 42 million help bots were being utilized in 2019, and that the individual robot market is set to turn into a US$19 billion market an open door in 2020. Industry specialists foresee that the up-and-coming age of individual assistance robots will be furnished with prescient AI that can expect human necessities or address security issues before they occur.

This sort of AI headway will enormously affect the shopper market. Profound Sentinel, for instance, plans to deliver AI-fuelled home security and reconnaissance frameworks that can anticipate and disturb wrongdoings before they even happen. This innovation depends on super-advanced ideas like a neural network, PC vision deep learning acquired through metadata. So, with advancements in home automation and personal assistance, we could pave the way to a crime-free world with extreme vigilance and safety.

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