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Engineering Video Production

We produce high quality videos for your marketing and demonstration purposes of your engineering automation robot capabilities.

We specialise in demonstration videos for Engineering companies that design automated machines, robots, structures, bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, wind turbines and buildings.

We have experience working with different engineering companies to produce such videos that can be copied onto a flash drive or their laptop to be taken and shown to overseas clients. Most engineering companies have used video productions in the past, only to find their videos look outdated, and failing to advertise their newest engineering models to date.

China. The looming threat of competition.

You can keep your machinery schematics a secret ofcourse, to avoid the consequences of teaching your competition how to compete with you. China is a competitor that cannot be ignored – they are producing automated machinery for less, and faster than western companies in this industry. It is time to market yourselves, advertise and improve your sales conversions with a video for your customers to think about.

Strategy. Planning and producing your video.

We suggest keeping your video simple and avoid going off-track with the process. You need to make a good impression, and at the same time clearly demonstrate each process in a logical manner. The automated robot will no doubt have multiple steps and processes in the assembly of a product. So avoid too much text but clearly label the processes. Have machinery synced to music but keep it quiet. Our clients have reported machinery sounds have a good impression, but sales teams within the industry like to play the video on silent whilst they present the video to a client, and talking about the process. We can keep this entire process customised to your specific machinery.

Time-lapses and aerial footage can be used to show your company and what you’re all about. We can brand the video with your company logo, and place your contact details and a website address at the end. If you’d like, we can even create an intro that you can use to brand each of the other videos that we produce for you.