Casdon electronics pcb assembly manufacturing video production
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  • Casdon electronics pcb assembly manufacturing video production
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    Kasdon Electronics – PCB Assembly Manufacturing Video Production

    Kasdon Electronics is a UK based PCB Assembly of Through Hole & Surface Mount Technology, Box Build & Cable Assembly preparation. We filmed some of the machines at Kasdon Electronics to showcase their technological capabilities; some of these machines such as the PCB assembly pick and place is extremely fast; we had to creatively film…

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    The Benefits of Capital Equipment Marketing with Video Production

    We not only specialise in video production with capital equipment manufacturers, but we also play a key role in website improvement, and search engine optimisation. We produce video productions that are designed to make the best impression, and to give an excellent return of investment. We have improved our filming technique, combining clean 4K visuals,…
  • capital equipment automation video production 2
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    More Industrial Filming at TBS Engineering

    We have recently been filming at TBS Engineering on their latest machines, and we have used this opportunity to not only improve out filming style, but to implement stylish infographs and motion call-out titles. You can see some examples below. There are many standards that we do our best to adhere to when filming capital…

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    Why We Stand Out as Video Producers

    Our experience originated from Engineering video productions, beginning with TBS Engineering in Gloucestershire, and ever since, we have been producing high-quality videos for the defence sector, and various other industries. We can take care of the creative aspect; all you have to do is tell us what it is that you need filming. We’ll do…

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    Manufacturing Video Production Company

    Manufacturing videos can be a valuable asset on any website or social media platform such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Typically, a video production for the intent of communicating the manufacturing process usually involves some sort of automation rather than a labour force, but many of the machines we film do require some configuration…
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    Manufacturing Engineering Video Production for TBS Engineering

    Industrial engineering video production for TBS Engineering. The video production itself takes you through some of the fundamental steps in the product assembly of lead-acid battery cell groups, including grouping, weighing, soldering in a super-hot lead mould, to final assembly in a car battery shell itself.
  • Perfecting video shot of cast on strap automated battery assembly video
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    Final Filming Bits – June TBS Engineering Video Production

    We were back filming in TBS Engineering yesterday to get the final footage for this impressive cast-on-strap machine. The robot is capable of weighing the groups before placing them on a conveyor belt system towards a jig box. The groups are then processed carefully, before they are dipped into a lead-cast, cooled and placed into…

  • graphene batteries video production
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    Graphene battery video production

    Graphene batteries have just hit the market, and is a technology now available for manufacturing. Graphene has so many upsides that it is hard to miss the benefits with this industry. It is far safer and much more resilient to dangers of puncturing and overcharging like its predecessor lithium-ion. A video production in graphene battery…

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    COS Cast On Strap Video Production

    We have experience filming COS Cast on strap machinery video productions in the past for TBS Engineering in Gloucester. COS videos need to be filmed in sequence and shown clearly for the potential client. These video productions are usually used by sales teams, and taken abroad on laptops or using a USB flash drive to…

  • Production Engineering Video

    We can work on a short notice and film a high-resolution production engineering video, with both aerial drone and ground cameras. Production engineering overlaps substantially with manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, and supply chain engineering, and we have already done quite a few production engineering videos, including COS cast-on-strap automation videos for companies such as TBS…