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  • industrial photography luke sutton
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    Industrial photos of recent shoots

    It has been such a busy year in this industry, and I have to push work aside at times just to be able to blog and keep everybody updated. These are some industrial photos I have taken alongside my video shoots – specifically in industrial production and industrial manufacturing. I am usually hired to film…

  • porsche carrera 1972 blue 9 copy
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    Porsche Carrera RS from 1972 – Random Photography

    This is a random post but I recently spotted a Porsche Carrera 1972 RS model lately, and i just had to take some pictures. This magnificent beauty has around 220 BHP, light weight with a fitted roll cage and offset pedals. The condition was fantastic, most notably was the build quality and engineering involved. I…

  • tbs engineering video still filming no sig
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    Industrial Photographer

    Industrial photography is a must-have for businesses to communicate and showcase their industrial process, machinery and techniques. These photographs are necessary for printed publications and advertising methods, social media and their websites. With industrial photography, you need to effectively communicate everything in the picture in a second. We have a great eye for detail in…