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  • Graphic design uk defence contractor
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    Print & Graphic Design for UK Defence Contractor

    For this project, I used images from under a general public licence, and colour graded them to add some depth to the images. Each panel is 52 x 52 inches in size, and I was tasked with designing and installing 8 of them onto a Mezzanine side rail. After colour grading the photo, I…

  • gloucestershire marketing advertising
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    What Kellogg’s Cornflakes Can Teach You About the 2020 Recession

    This is a simple message but it’s probably the most important post you will see in 2020, if you haven’t seen it already. In the time of a recession, amidst a global pandemic, your very first instinct is to cut your expenses right away, cease advertising and hope somehow, this will all return back to…

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    Should I Wait Until the Lockdown Is Over Before Marketing My Business? Our Opinion.

    So covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our economy and so far this year we have witnessed flooding, masses of people panic buying toilet paper and pasta, and even a barrel of oil dropping to negative $40 a barrel as demand dries up – less value than that of a toilet roll. Now for any business,…