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  • rmgroup uk industrial automated robot palletising video production
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    Rmgroup UK Just Chose Us for Video Production on Their Automated Packing Systems & Robotic Automation

    We are happy to announce we will be filming and producing videos for RMGroup UK Ltd. RMGroup was founded in 1995 following a successful contract to pack Animal Feed for British Sugar. The company’s reputation for timely response and a leading team of hands on mechanical and electrical engineers grew rapidly, as did the ever-increasing…

  • Perfecting video shot of cast on strap automated battery assembly video
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    Final Filming Bits – June TBS Engineering Video Production

    We were back filming in TBS Engineering yesterday to get the final footage for this impressive cast-on-strap machine. The robot is capable of weighing the groups before placing them on a conveyor belt system towards a jig box. The groups are then processed carefully, before they are dipped into a lead-cast, cooled and placed into…

  • Industrial engineering video production luke sutton 5
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    Filming an Industrial Automated Video Production for The Battery Industry

    Filming for TBS Engineering went well on Wednesday the 3rd June 2020, and we managed to get aerial drone footage to begin with, and then the video production of the robot arm / conveyor belt and cast-on machine. (Yes we are licensed to pilot drones for commercial footage!) This particular machine weighs the groups of…
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    What Makes Us Stand Apart From the Rest with Industrial Video Production?

    Our experience originated from Engineering video productions, beginning with TBS Engineering in Gloucestershire, and ever since, we have been producing high-quality videos for the defence sector, and various other industries. We can take care of the creative aspect; all you have to do is tell us what it is that you need filming. We’ll do…

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    Should I Wait Until the Lockdown Is Over Before Marketing My Business? Our Opinion.

    So covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our economy and so far this year we have witnessed flooding, masses of people panic buying toilet paper and pasta, and even a barrel of oil dropping to negative $40 a barrel as demand dries up – less value than that of a toilet roll. Now for any business,…

  • Industrial photography tbs engineering gloucestershire 3
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    Industrial Photography for TBS Engineering

    We recently provided industrial photography and industrial video production for TBS’ latest cast-on-strap lead-acid battery machine. The high resolution photos were taken to showcase various components of the COS machine, showing the conveyor belt and lug stacking areas, the display screens, the lead contact polishing brush, the lug count cameras and vacuum conveyor mechanisms to…

  • Industrial Filming Video production 1
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    Top 10 Tips for Production Engineering Videography

    Okay so you have an interest in production engineering / industrial videography and you want to provide these kind of videos for your clients? We may be able to help you here. We have filmed numerous production engineering videos for clients, as well as provided industrial photography for their printed marketing materials. Filming in an…

  • graphene batteries video production
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    Graphene battery video production

    Graphene batteries have just hit the market, and is a technology now available for manufacturing. Graphene has so many upsides that it is hard to miss the benefits with this industry. It is far safer and much more resilient to dangers of puncturing and overcharging like its predecessor lithium-ion. A video production in graphene battery…

  • engineering video production 4
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    What is involved with industrial video production?

    Whether you are an engineering company, a renewable energy business or a manufacturing facility, you have probably looked into video production before, as a means to advertising your services to potential clients. Video is a very powerful way to get your message across. We take a 50% payment upfront and the remaining payment on the…

  • Industrial Filming Video production 1
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    Industrial cast on strap filming with TBS Engineering

    We have recently filmed another video production for TBS Engineering in Gloucester, as well as providing industrial photography of their cast-on-strap machines, which are automated battery assembly machines. We have been chosen exclusively to provide industrial video productions for TBS Engineering, and we have vastly improved our game since late 2019, when we began working…