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    Filming at Automated Production in Dorset

    We have been back in Dorset filming their latest automated respirator filter machine for medical uses (to fight against Covid-19). This machine takes precut parts, and assembles specially made filters, as well as testing them to ensure quality control. The filming process was tough because of lighting – this is almost always an issue in…

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    Filming at Zeus Juice in Birmingham

    Teamed up with DJR Visuals, we have been creating some fantastic digital content for Zeus Juice UK lately, with 3 video productions for their production facility, the lab and the quality inspection, as well as the product video production. We’ll have a video in the next few days for you all to see – and…

  • factory acceptance testing FAT testing automation industrial filming 5
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    RMGroup Automation – Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) Video

    Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) video production for RMGroups latest automation assembly for a large UK food manufacturer. This huge construction is a very complicated piece of engineering. This machine is designed to go through 1200 products per minute, and to sort and arrange, as well as reject unwanted products before they are moved on conveyor…

  • Stillers distillery video production short 30 second advert0
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    Stillers Distillery short 20 second teaser

    We recently filmed Stillers Distillery in Monmouth, to produce both a short 20 second teaser video, and a longer 2:30 second video. This is the short 20 second teaser video. STILLERS® is a 100% copper pot distilled botanical drink. It is distilled in the beautiful Wye Valley using carefully selected organically grown herbs and spices. No…

  • TNA solutions automation video production
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    Filming food production machinery with TNA Solutions

    TNA solutions video production, featuring the impressive Roflo, and Robag VM3 machines for food manufacturing. TNA developed the world’s first end-to-end snack production solution.

  • Fastershire video production contract won 1
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    We have been awarded a video production contract with Fastershire

    We have been awarded a contract for video production case studies for Fastershire. Fastershire is a partnership between Herefordshire Council and Gloucestershire County Council to bring faster broadband to the two counties, with funding from central government’s Broadband Delivery UK matched by the local authorities. The ultimate aim is that by the end of 2022…

  • porsche carrera 1972 blue 9 copy
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    Porsche Carrera RS from 1972 – Random Photography

    This is a random post but I recently spotted a Porsche Carrera 1972 RS model lately, and i just had to take some pictures. This magnificent beauty has around 220 BHP, light weight with a fitted roll cage and offset pedals. The condition was fantastic, most notably was the build quality and engineering involved. I…

  • Automated production industrial photographer
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    Filming at Automated Productions in Dorset

    We filmed at Automated Productions in Dorset, and managed to capture some crisp footage of a machine which creates respirator filters. Automated Productions are specialists in design, development and support of custom production solutions; a leading partner to many of the world’s largest manufacturers within a diverse range of industrial and geographical markets. They specialise…

  • rmgroud radnor hills case study video production4
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    Automation Case Study Video Production for Rmgroup

    RMGroup UK Ltd UK are a robotics and automation supplier that specialises in packaging systems. With their ever-expanding portfolio, they have decided it is a good time to start putting together a series of video productions, case studies for their automation customers. The interviews throughout the video production (questions written and interviewed by Sarah and…

  • Animated photo of my Grandad from WW2
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    Animated photo of my Grandad from WW2

    I recently animated a photo of my Grandad from WW2. My Mother’s birthday is soon approaching and she will be 70 this time around, and she misses her father since he passed away in 2008. I decided a good gift would be an animated picture of him, like what i saw in the movie Harry…