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  • gloucestershire marketing advertising
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    What Kellogg’s Cornflakes Can Teach You About the 2020 Recession

    This is a simple message but it’s probably the most important post you will see in 2020, if you haven’t seen it already. In the time of a recession, amidst a global pandemic, your very first instinct is to cut your expenses right away, cease advertising and hope somehow, this will all return back to…

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    We Have Upgraded Our Cameras and Equipment

    We have recently upgraded our main camera to the new Sony AS7III. The Sony A7SIII is due to ship in a month’s time, and the main reason we upgraded was for RAW footage. If you use the new Sony A7SIII with an Atomos Ninja V external recorder, you can record ProRes 422 RAW at 14-bit. …

  • factory video production
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    Factory Video Production

    We specialise in video production for manufacturers across the UK, working with companies like TBS Engineering and RMGroup Ltd. Factory videos are industrial videos essentially, and these kinds of video productions can range from training, health & safety, and internal communications, to manufacturing video productions, which are for sales and communicating with key investors and…
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    Manufacturing, Factory & Export Video Production

    ‘We are in the business of large Capital Equipment manufacturing for the Battery Industry. The completion from a successful customer inspection only allows a small window for promotional work such as videos, which Luke assisted us greatly. His approach to this bespoke nature of Industrial filming was exceptional and we have continued to develop our…
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    Why We Stand Out as Video Producers

    Our experience originated from Engineering video productions, beginning with TBS Engineering in Gloucestershire, and ever since, we have been producing high-quality videos for the defence sector, and various other industries. We can take care of the creative aspect; all you have to do is tell us what it is that you need filming. We’ll do…

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    Manufacturing Video Production Company

    Manufacturing videos can be a valuable asset on any website or social media platform such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Typically, a video production for the intent of communicating the manufacturing process usually involves some sort of automation rather than a labour force, but many of the machines we film do require some configuration…
  • renewable energy video production company uk
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    Renewable Energy Video Production Company

    We create beautifully made video productions for renewable energy companies, as well as providing on-site photography and aerial footage and photography from above. We have worked with different industries, engineering companies like TBS Engineering, and plastic polymer companies such as Petlon Polymers. We have seen changes in the energy industry and feel we can help…

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    Manufacturing Engineering Video Production for TBS Engineering

    Industrial engineering video production for TBS Engineering. The video production itself takes you through some of the fundamental steps in the product assembly of lead-acid battery cell groups, including grouping, weighing, soldering in a super-hot lead mould, to final assembly in a car battery shell itself.
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    Manufacturing Video Production Company

    There is no better way to demonstrate the capabilities of your manufacturing capabilities than video. With video, you can clearly communicate the process of the manufacturing, and each individual stage into short segments. We work with various Companies such as TBS Engineering and RMGroup, producing high-quality video productions to help facilitate their unique selling points,…

  • industrial automation video production gloucestershire
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    Industrial Automation Video Production Company

    We are industrial video production, and we specialise in the field of filming and producing beautifully-made videos to display and highlight your machines. We work with various engineering companies such as TSB Engineering, RMGroup UK and more. These companies use video to demonstrate the operating stages and the features of their robot palletising systems and…